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    I’m having a very strange problem.

    I came to this site for what I am quite sure was the first time, and attempted to buy a theme. It had me create a new account as part of the purchase process, I assume so the purchase could be tied to that account for downloading. But after putting in all my information, I got an error messaging claiming that the email address was already in use, and that my credit card number was wrong (which I’m pretty sure it wasn’t).

    So out of curiosity, I try logging into that account using MY email. I don’t know the password, so I request a password reset. It does indeed send the form to my own email, and I reset the password.

    Now when I try logging in through that email on this site, the page simply refreshes itself and clears out the password field. It refuses to actually log in. I’ve tried it on two separate browsers, Firefox and IE.

    By any chance, does Studiopress share an account database with some other site? And does anyone have any idea what could be preventing me from logging in?

    I sent a message to support through the account issues page, but I’ve not gotten a response back.



    Not sure if this is what you are going through.

    I was going crazy with attempting to log into  I kept having to reset my password.  Then I couldn’t log into this Forum.

    I have recently got it straight.  This Forum and (downloads, my account info) have two separate usernames. uses an email address and this Forum doesn’t.




    No, this is a different issue. I created this forum account afterward for the sole purpose of asking this question :P



    Someone at support was able to help me. Apparently some error during purchase caused an inactive/unusable account to be created, associated with the Email I gave.

    My own guess would be that I actually DID enter the wrong credit card number, so it created the account but did not finish the purchase. Without having a purchase on the account it was unusable, and the “email is already in use” message was likely not an error stating part of why the purchase failed, but rather saying that the email I had listed in the form was not available anymore.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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