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    I found the child them I want which is Foodie by Shay. What makes it appealing to me is the recipe indexing. However, some of the other things I want to do with that theme, will require hiring a custom designer. custom logo, rearranging layout some, etc.

    As I am a newbie to all of this, I didn’t know where to ask this question.

    Would it be better to purchase Lifestyle Pro Child theme and use the StudioPress support to create a recipe index? or would I also be looking at hiring that out with a designer as well?

    I get so confused at looking at a demo of a theme, and knowing what type of changes my uneducated mind could handle with forum support, vs. what type of changes require professional help.
    Thank you for your time if you care to answer.



    Generally taking features from one SP child theme and using it in another is fairly easy because all the code is written to work on Genesis.

    You might even find a tutorial on the topic.

    Otherwise you can ask any number of questions on this forum.

    You would need to be more specific about exactly what you anted if you want a specific solution.



    thank you for your reply. Let me try to be more specific.
    I want a blog for recipes. (#1 priority).
    I want mobile readiness.
    I want to be able to load my custom logo to the header page. I want to be able to change some layouts from grid columns to single column. ie: instead of having 2 pictures in a row as blog archives, make them only 1 across. (all secondary priorities)

    So, for coding purposes, should I go with the 3rd party design Foodie to capture the coding for the recipe index and just deal with the layout until I hire designer, or is there a learnable way to add the recipe index to a SP theme like Lifestyle Pro?

    I don’t want to end up with a ‘bloated coded design’. lol



    I don’t know about the Foodie theme but if you only want one feature from it, you could take the code from that theme and add it to a SP theme or simply use the Foodie theme.

    Do you have any experience with coding PHP or CSS?



    I have NO experience with either PHP or CSS, but was hopeful that I could learn enough code for a specific feature.
    I have been reading that it is better to have things in CSS instead of PHP, is that a valid statement?
    Thanks for the idea that I could just combine features from different themes.



    I have been reading that it is better to have things in CSS instead of PHP, is that a valid statement?

    You would need some knowledge of PHP if you want to take code from one theme and use it on another however its not a difficult task and generally involves a small amount of tweaking to get it to work.


    Andrea Rennick

    The Foodie theme uses a Recipe plugin that is free. It can be added to any WordPress theme.

    The foodie theme does have templates that have customized the archive display, but as Brad said above – when yu have a bunch of themes, you can just mix & match the code.

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    While “mix and match the code” is technically possible, in practice this can be very challenging for someone with no coding experience.

    @Dogwood, be prepared for a learning curve and some frustration. WordPress is not completely easy for a beginner on its own, and adding in Genesis and customizing a theme can tangle the brain into knots. Plugins can be used with any theme, so Andrea’s suggestion on the recipe plugin looks like a great path-forward for you: go with the theme that looks the way you want it to look and install that plugin and see how far that gets you.



    OK, this is very informative! @braddalton, good to know that it can be done. I will be taking a look into what makes the two codes different. I can see some major note taking in my future!

    @andrea rennick, I saw where Foodie speaks of a recipe plug in, but I couldn’t tell if that plug in was just for the ‘print’ feature of the recipe or if that plug in was what made the layout of the blog posts. I am learning more and more at how to look at these templates!

    @easysnark, thank you! I appreciate you confirming what I was feeling already. lol It is apparent to me that I won’t be just purchasing one child theme. I took a closer look at the recipe plugin to see it’s features, and I didn’t know that you can just add it to any layout. I thought that if the template didn’t say it was set up for it, it wouldn’t work. I think I will in the beginning just pick one theme, learn to work that one before purchasing second theme.

    Thank you all for the advice. It is nice to know that questions can be answered here, especially since it’s going to be a steep curve! I am beginning to see some of the differences in these templates and I understand how one can become a collector of templates!



    Easy Recipe Plus is the recipe type that is included in Foodie. I have been using it for a year now, and love it. You can change the look of colors, borders, fonts and size quite easily. Easy Recipe only works for blogs.
    I also wanted a visual recipe index sorted by alpha/category. I wrote a tutorial on how to do it. By now though there are probably less plugin intensive options available. You can google almost any subject to get some great resources from the techs and designers. I haven’t set up the Foodie theme yet so I am curious how that index is set up. Check out the sites of the designers also as they write tutorials and give pricing. When purchasing through Studio Press you get alot of member access and support you may think is worth the bit of extra money, (if any).

    Get a huge notebook, tabs, write down URLs and everything you learn will help you grow. Just remember: GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND SECOND ONLY TO FORUMS! Good Luck.

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