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    Could anyone help?

    I’m trying to change the new Outreach 2.0 theme so that I have the responsive slider in the home featured area but wish to include another widget area next to it ie. same height as the slider but around 220px wide and would like to include second slider in there or similar to rotate banner ads.

    Anyone know how I could edit the php of home.php to achieve this? Also if I don’t want to use the genesis slider here how do I add in custom php to include another plugin in it’s place ie. by editing the home.php code?





    There’s a tutorial on adding sidebars here. And if the slider you want to use doesn’t have a widget and only a template tag then you would just replace the sidebar call with the template tag.

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    Did you get this working? I did another post on this very topic (hadn’t seen your post). I followed the tutorial by Nick the Geek but didn’t get it working.  All these tutorials show things in context of “before” and “after”.  Doing what you and I want is “beside” and perhaps within the same Div or perhaps not.

    If you did get it working can you tell me how you did it?



    I’m looking for the same information. I’ve read several posts, added code to my functions.php as per but nothing happened – no extra widget turned up in the widgets list and I can’t figure out how to get the text I currently have in the home featured section to move to the right of the slider. I don’t want it underneath.

    My site is at Would really love to find out how to get this one sorted please.

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    I gave up on this when I determined that the theme had other limitations however I concluded that this may be a function fixed with CSS.  In theory if you can get the widget to show up, you may be able to use css to position it to the right of the slider, also making adjustments with css to size the slider.  That’s a theory… I never got conformation on this from anyone who knows for sure.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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