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    I am using the Outreach theme – and I would like the home-top/home-featured widget area to have no background.

    Right now it is white:

    It is taking it from the content div – but if I change that to none/transparent – then that also removes the white from the content areas, where I definitely need/want it.

    I have looked at this thread: – but was not able to successfully implement what was suggested because I am not using the genesis slider.

    I know it is something simple and I’m just not seeing the right place to change it – so any help will be greatly appreciated :).

    Thank you in advance!!!!




    You actually can target the #content element and set the background to transparent. You just need to specify the rule for the home page only.

    /* append after the original .home background color declaration */
    .home #content{
        background: transparent;

    I hope this helps.



    Yup, I knew it was going to be something easy/obvious that I was missing … I was using
    .home .content …. when I needed to be using .home #content …

    Thank you!!!!!!!!



    You are welcome. I am glad I could help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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