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    I need to change the icons in the Simple Social Media Plugin. I looked through the PHP file and I can’t seem to find the reference to the icons. I noticed that there each of the icons is in an array and that this code:

    'email' => array(
        'label'       => __( 'Email URI', 'ssiw' ),
        'pattern'     => '<li class="social-email"><a href="%s" %s>✉</a></li>',

    seems to point to a string replacement somewhere but I can’t find it. I don’t see an image file in the plugin folder and the a href link doesn’t seem to point to anything. Can you please tell me how to replace the icons? I would also like to know how the string replacement is working in the plugin so that I can figure out how to modify it as needed.



    Download the plugin to your desktop, unzip it. Look in the image folder. Replace those images with your images and make sure they are the correct sizes, etc. Then use FTP and copy them over to the plugin folder on your hosting account. That’s the easiest way to do it.



    There is no image directory for this plugin… at least not one that I can find.

    The icons are Fontello fonts:

    You can download your own font package from above and substitue it for the ones in the plugin. You may have to make a few code changes to the plugin’s PHP file.



    Ahhhh. That never occurred to me!! I’m guessing that the codes relate to specific icons on Fontello. You are correct dev that there is no image file associated with this particular plugin. That was my first guess but it wasn’t the right one. I think that the developer chose the fonts that you mentioned dev because the plugin allows a user to change the colors easily.

    In fact, I came here from the plugin’s forum where a gentleman by the name of Ron Rennick advised that users come to the studiopress forum for questions about this plugin. Someone asked the same question there about the best way to swap out images in the plugin and he advised that they ask the question in this forum (although I searched and didn’t see a posted question). At any rate, the link is here:

    So I would guess that other people are looking for the same answer to this question so I’ll try to figure it out and will post my findings.

    I guess the easiest solution is to change the href code to point to an internal image file for each respective icon if I wanted to use an image that wasn’t in Fontello.



    Actually, I just found this page and it worked perfectly for my purposes:

    It is a lightweight solution to the problem and it might work for others. It works pretty well and it’s probably the simplest solution to the problem.



    The code is a good solution if you want the icons on a page or post as opposed to in an existing widget area.

    Our shop only puts social media icons in header or footers widget areas, so the plugin works well for our needs. At our value-price we can’t be adding a lot of code; researching which hook to use with it, testing and debugging it etc. But I can see where others would find the SP plugin too limiting.

    Anyway, thanks for letting us know about the solution.



    Glad I found this post…

    question: I want to add one of the Skype icons using that same typeface. I figured out how to add it to the widgets as another choice, but have no idea how to display that particular icon “letter”. It looks like the developer used some kind of code (hex, unicode?), but I have no idea how to determine that.

    Can someone please help?


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