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    Does every portfolio page I set up get filed under “Portfolio”?
    Can you create more than one “Portfolio”?
    And can you change the term “portfolio” to something more relevant.

    Okay I am starting a new site and I would like to be able to setup a customer review page that will list review posts to look like the page in the Minimum Pro demo.

    Also, the site will also be about Chevrolet vehicles and it would be nice if I could setup a portfolio page with the different models as posts. Or do you thing it’s better to do the Chevrolet product pages differently?

    I am open to ideas. Also everything is up to date as of this questions date (wordpress, plugins etc)


    I’m awaiting an answer to your same question of whether you create more than one “Portfolio.”

    But I may be able to answer another question. I changed “Portfolio” to another label so it better fit the message of the page. I did it by going into Appearance > Menus and using the Links field to specify the Portfolio page’s URL (in your case it would be Then I gave it a different title so that when I added it to my Primary Menu, it said something other than “Portfolio.”

    I’m not sure if you can change the URL to something different, like georgiacartalk/chevymodels. Hopefully someone will jump on this and provide more information.



    Thank you. After playing around a little bit I found out what I didn’t know as far as the layout of the page. It would be nice to find a tutorial or something for learning how to work with the portfolio section. I mean just saying…”it works like pages and posts” and using the word “taxonomies” doesn’t help me if I am not knowledgeable of taxonomies etc.

    I am quite sure some Guru is scratching their head right now saying, “this guy needs to learn wordpress” and whatever else passes the buck. Fact is I am a rookie but managed to find Genesis by searching out products to help me with wordpress design, so it is possible for a non-guru to buy a product but not know as much as the creators.



    I think one good question to ask yourself is if you really want a portfolio or not.

    Do you want to set up a portfolio/gallery, or were you thinking more along the lines of wanting your different car category posts to be displayed in a grid format? You wouldn’t necessarily call that a portfolio (at least, I wouldn’t)



    That’s a great question. I can speaker for the poster, but for me, a gallery would be great. I know it’s easy enough to create a page in column and row format using <div>s. So it’s do-able manually.

    The sample Portfolio page for Executive Pro visually resembles a gallery, which may be why people gravitate to using the Portfolio to accomplish what they need. Also, the Portfolio is designed by default to bring up the portfolio page the user clicks on without further html to make the link between a gallery page and a subpage focused on what the user clicked.



    I think Summer is on the right track. Generally the Portfolio items are Custom Post Types built into the theme. Assuming that’s true of your theme (I haven’t used it yet) then the question is whether you really need to use Custom Post Types for the reviews. Are you planning to use regular Posts for something else? Maybe you want to use the regular Posts for blog content and don’t want to mix in the Reviews? If that’s the case, then you’ll want to use Custom Post Types for the reviews. You can find all the places the word Portfolio is used in the code and change it all to Reviews. Or, you can add more custom Post Types using code or a plugin (like WP Types) for all the types you need and just not enter in any Portfolio items (basically not use the Portfolio stuff).

    On the other hand, if you can use regular Posts for your reviews and just separate your types of reviews by Category, that will be a lot easier.

    Once you decide what’s the best way to organize your information, then worry about getting that information to display the way you want.

    I like to simplify – a lot. When I see the word “taxonomies” I just think “grouping.” It’s just a way to group information. Categories and Tags are taxonomies and you can have ways to group Custom Post Types too.

    What I’ve learned after years of being an advanced beginner in WordPress is that you really don’t need to worry about some guru thinking something negative – because there will be more than enough people who are at least adequately ahead of you to answer your questions if you ask them. Plus, the real gurus are super busy.



    It’s something I played around with more after setting up the portfolio of projects I’d done. There are times when a grid layout is just a more economical layout, depending on what you want to accomplish.

    That’s why I took the portfolio layout look and ran with it for my Genesis Themes Guide project… I wanted the themes and the theme shops layouts to be more visual than regular archive listings, and creating custom post types not tied to a specific theme seemed like the best option.

    Then I took it a step further by adding a reviews plugin to allow visitors to leave reviews of themes and the theme shops, and I’ve been slowly adding both to the site as I come across them.

    When I read what @rstyner was describing, it sounded like he had something like what I’d done in mind, but was just stuck on the function & terminology that everyone uses for that page layout style when they created the child theme.

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