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    This is basic but I can’t figure it out to save my life.  I put the Genesis User Profile widget in the Primary Sidebar to put a little snippet on my homepage about myself but I want to have a picture of my face there with it and I can’t figure out how to get that picture in there.  I am using the Prose theme.  Did I use the wrong widget?  Ideally, wanted to have my face plus a sentence or two, then a link to the “About Me” page.  Any help would be appreciated (but make it easy to follow as I am still clueless on how all of this works.) Thank you!  :)


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    Yeah, the User Profile widget is designed specifically to grab your Gravatar.

    I recommend using a plain text widget, and populating it with the code for an image, and some text about you (look at my site – link in my signature, for an example).

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    Hi Susan,

    This is exactly what I am trying to do – use User Profile widget to grab Gravatar, but the widget is not doing it. It used to do it in the past, but after I updated the User Profile widget with the new Custom Text, the Gravatar disappeared.

    Will you have any idea how to get it to work again?







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    Looks like the upgrade has compromised the widget – there’s no drop down for user in the User Profile widget anymore. How can this be fixed?


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