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    Lisa at OG

    We would like to put a custom message on a password protected page. We have found snippets of php code for the functions.php file and for the post-template.php file but none worked properly with our StudioPress Legacy Theme.

    Does anyone know where and how you can change the password protect message with a custom message? We want to ensure we are not placing the code where it will be over ridden during WordPress updates.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help with this.

    Lisa at OG

    I was able to change the message by accessing the post-template.php file in the wp-includes folder; however, this file probably gets over ridden during a WordPress upgrade. If there is a better way to change the message I’d appreciate the input.




    I don’t know if you like this way which is a little different than your method. It uses Justin Tadlock’s plugin called ‘Members’ which I find to be very useful. You can have a custom message applied globally PLUS you can add specific messages on certain pages as you choose.

    Here’s a page with a custom page message:

    Here’s a page with the custom global message:

    It doesn’t work the same as your password protected page. If you have Members installed, each page and post has, in the editor, a selection for which user levels are allowed to see it. None checked means it’s open to the public. The plugin also has a log-in form widget.

    If the user is logged in, he would be able then to see all such protected pages, rather than only one.

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