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    Hi there I am looking to change/customize the header on my website

    I have used other themes, i.e. midnight which show a *custom header* button in the appearance box.

    On the agency theme, I cannot see where it is.

    Thanks in advance


    On the Agency theme you should find the header upload at Appearance=>Header.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi thanks for your message.

    I have a picture here

    I have version 1?

    I downloaded another version via my studiopress called v2.0

    When I try to install this it says the destination folder is already full!

    Hope I dont need to remove all my work!!



    Ok I changed to the v2.0 by deleting agency 1.0 however.. the slider is now HUGE – and all the featured pages from before align to the left. site cvhanged

    Is there no way for the V1.0 to change header – I really loved that theme layout because I can see my about page / put alot of work into that particular design.

    Please help



    Maybe destination folder already exists?

    Have you done much work customizing the theme? It may feel like tons, but have you edited any files like the functions.php or style.css?

    My suggestion is if you’re starting work on a new site to use the most recent version. There have been changes, one being responsive design, that were implemented in 2.0.

    If your changes are posts, pages, widgets or menus those are not theme specific and should be fine (although you may have to re-enable to menus and widgets) if you change themes.

    It could be as simple as backing up what you have and if you haven’t done much, to remove(delete) the current Agency theme and replace it with the newer Agency 2.0 then redo your customizations.
    My guess is the problem is that the two themes create the exact same named theme directory which is why the destination folder already exists.

    If you’ve done a lot of work editing files, you can use ftp access to rename the directory and move or copy files.

    Let me know if you need more details.

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    Sorry we must have crossed emails.

    It looks like you haven’t added anything to the home page widgets provided in Agency 2.0? That’s how you customize the home page, via Appearance=> Widgets. They are listed along the right hand side. Just drag & drop from the left to right. Any you had before will still be there towards the bottom under “Inactive Widgets.”

    I’m not sure I understand the problem with your About page? It should be there, you may need to activate the menu or add the page to the menu.

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    Just refreshed, looks like you got it.
    Your Home Page looks great!

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    Hi thanks for the help and the comments. Been working alot on that

    I went back to v1.0 :(

    Ive done so much work and v 2.0 is like.. another day I think haha
    All I wanted to change on v1.0 is the header.

    Hmm – Maybe I will just keep old fashioned ;P :0)



    If I go to v2.0 I cant get my face on the front page, or it will take up the HUGE slider which is a bit too much attention.
    Its ok I will probably go inside v.2.0, find the header code, then hope I dont mess things up.

    Thanks for all



    Sorry, I don’t have a version of 1.0 to see the functions.php.

    Maybe someone else can help you out.

    In 2.0, in the functions.php, there’s a line around 27

    /** Add support for custom header */
    add_theme_support( ‘genesis-custom-header’, array( ‘width’ => 960, ‘height’ => 115 ) );

    Also, 2.0… You can also change the slider around line 36

    /** Set Genesis Responsive Slider defaults */
    add_filter( ‘genesis_responsive_slider_settings_defaults’, ‘agency_responsive_slider_defaults’ );
    function agency_responsive_slider_defaults( $defaults ) {
    $defaults[‘slideshow_height’] = ‘300’;
    $defaults[‘slideshow_width’] = ‘950’;
    return $defaults;

    Best of luck!

    Customizing Genesis Child Themes @ MaroonTech



    Thanks so much learn a little bit more everyday, love it! Take care

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