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    Hello. I am trying to change my home page but I couldn’t. I asked theme builder but since I have no experience about coding I couldn’t do it. My question and the answer is the following. I managed renaming home.php to front-page.php. When I use a static front page and choose some page from menu  in the reading settings my image is dissappeared. Also I don’t understand how to remove genesis grid loop code..thanks for your helps..


    Thanks for contacting us about this. You could try renaming the home.php file to front-page.php and use a static front page in the Reading Settings. You may need to remove the Genesis grid loop code from the new front-page.php file to have the page show up correctly.


    > Comments
    > Hi. I would like to change the appearence of my home page. In the below of
    > social media button I would like to add goal of my site . Not my latest
    > posts. I couldn’t do it. Can you help me?
    > Thank you
    > Hakan
    > URL



    Do you want to remove the posts from your current home page?



    To avoid reposting (let me know if I should) I’m currently trying to do something similar. I have isolated the fact that I need to edit, configure, or remove the genisis_grid_loop. Let me explain what I am trying to achieve.

    I would only like one post in its entirety to be shown on the home page at a given time. I don’t need a grid loop but would like to keep the option open in the future. I’ve tried editing the grid_loop feature => 1 but then I have two posts still showing.

    To be more specific, I would like the home page to look like the blog post page. I’m really trying to keep things ‘minimal’ I’ve already removed the featured image and subscribe button.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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