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    Hi, I downloaded a studiopress theme so I could redesign someone else’s blog, which needs to have the main content area for posts and a sidebar. The problem is that the images in her post require a wider main content section and a wider sidebar than the theme provides, and thus a wider width than 960px altogether. I’m proficient in html and CSS, but still fairly new to WordPress. If the StudioPress theme I’ve downloaded is only 960 px wide, should I just find a wider theme, or is it easy to change the width of the site and column widths? (That means I’d also have to change the width of the header and footer, and who knows what else.)



    The easiest solution is to find a wider theme :)

    But, a theme with a width of 960px can be fairly easily changed if you are comfortable with CSS (I did it on my own site when I first started playing with StudioPress, and I had NO CSS knowledge at that time).

    Here’s the visual markup guide, which will show you all the areas you will need to change:

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    Thank you Susan. I also found and installed the Genesis Visual Hook Guide which includes that Markup option, so hopefully, I can figure this out and not break the layout.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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