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    Wonder if anyone can help out with suggesting how I could create child pages in Agency or any Genesis theme. I am new to Genesis and  WP but pretty technical and have pulled together a couple of copycat theme sites!

    Now, I may be confused about the Menu Navigation system, but I would like to ideally create a Menu Item (e.g. Work Online) and then when I create a new page with a the parent = menu item name (eg Work Online) a new page/sub page is auto added under this menu item.   Is this possible? It is pretty simple menu navigation but I am running into issues and had to resort to changing all the pages to posts to see them on the same page.

    See support call submitted to studiopress below. They advised me to post it here.

    Navigation – when setting up sub-pages. I had the sub page listed both under its menu header and in blue text on the right side of the screen. I had to change my pages to posts in order to show these under the menu item on the same page. Is there a way to have a menu header title (e.g. work anywhere) that is just a header name, then add multiple pages to show under this menu header automatically based on their parent? I dont see an option to add categories to pages – only posts. I did change the page template to blog and use posts but its not how I want to set up this section of the site

    Thanking you all in advance




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    If you want a menu item that won’t link anywhere for your parent item you add a custom link and enter a # into the URL field. You create child items by dragging them to the right so that they are indented beneath the parent item.

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply and yes that works brilliantly to set up sub pages under a menu item.

    What I would like to do is have more than one sub-page showing on the same menu page.  This method above is great but when you go to the menu header it does display the sub page titles but each one opens as a new page.

    I did find a WP plugin that enables you to treat pages as posts, add categories and then each time you add a new page you just add the category and it automatically is attached to the menu item and displays as many sub-pages as you want on the same page.

    Not sure if the WP plugin is the best way of doing it but it works

    Being new to this, would you say that the subpage and child items method you shared  is a better user experience?

    Many Thanks





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