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    I am looking to buy the Clip Cart theme, however when I looked at the manual it mentions Cart66. I do not want to use this cart. I prefer to use WooCommerce. Can anyone confirm that this theme will work well with WooCommerce also?


    David Decker
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    Confirm can only the theme developer which is “Themedy”, URL:

    I see no reason why it should not work with WC? Use theme, install WC, plus the Genesis Connect plugin: (and follow their instructions from plugin page!)

    You only need to remember that you don’t touch the post type “products” that comes with “Clip Cart” — just use the post type “products” that is provided by WooCommerce but you will see that Woo icon in admin, so this should help :)

    Why not trying yourself on a test install if you have already a copy of “Clip Cart” – other both plugins are free :)


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    Thank you so much


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    I have clip cart with woocommerce and so far it works fine.



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    Clip Cart works great with either Cart66 or WooCommerce. If you use WC, consider installing the Genesis Connect for Woo Commerce plugin.


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    Hello, I am new here and new to WordPress. I have just installed ClipCart and have started adding my products and pages etc using Cart66. Because I am new to it I am curious why you prefer to use WooCommerce instead of Cart66? Before I go much further with it I wondered if you could explain to me? Thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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