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    I am looking to buy the Clip Cart theme, however when I looked at the manual it mentions Cart66. I do not want to use this cart. I prefer to use WooCommerce. Can anyone confirm that this theme will work well with WooCommerce also?


    David Decker

    Confirm can only the theme developer which is “Themedy”, URL:

    I see no reason why it should not work with WC? Use theme, install WC, plus the Genesis Connect plugin: (and follow their instructions from plugin page!)

    You only need to remember that you don’t touch the post type “products” that comes with “Clip Cart” — just use the post type “products” that is provided by WooCommerce but you will see that Woo icon in admin, so this should help :)

    Why not trying yourself on a test install if you have already a copy of “Clip Cart” – other both plugins are free :)



    Thank you so much



    I have clip cart with woocommerce and so far it works fine.




    Clip Cart works great with either Cart66 or WooCommerce. If you use WC, consider installing the Genesis Connect for Woo Commerce plugin.



    Hello, I am new here and new to WordPress. I have just installed ClipCart and have started adding my products and pages etc using Cart66. Because I am new to it I am curious why you prefer to use WooCommerce instead of Cart66? Before I go much further with it I wondered if you could explain to me? Thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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