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    I’m using Co-Authors Plus and Genesis Co-Authors Plus to display custom author info on posts, particularly for Guest Authors who do not have actual WordPress user accounts.

    It works on single pages, but author archives are another matter. On each guest author page, I simply get a list of articles associated with the guest author, but no bio or user image, etc. To that end, I know that I probably need to create a new loop on a custom author.php page. Beyond that, I’m not sure what to do.

    Does anyone know how to create a custom author.php template that outputs Co-author/Guest Author bio info? I’ve read a number of support threads and I can’t seem to find the right formula for getting the Co-author template tags to work correctly within Genesis. The syntactical differences aren’t helping much either.




    Since the developer of the Genesis Co-Authors Plus created this specifically for the Genesis Framework, I would suggest posting your question on his support area on – He would be the best person to assist you with this.



    Ok for me it’s a problem as well. There’s no explanation on how to modify the template tags for genesis.



    With the latest version of Co-Authors Plus, there’s no need to add the code Bill Erikson provided to enable the shortcodes that you can use with Simple Edits; they’ve included it in the plugin itself now.

    Also, Genesis Co-Authors Plus 1.2 (the latest version) will not properly display the author box if you have an XHTML theme running on Genesis 2.0… it assumes you’re running an HTML5 theme, and you have to modify the plugin to fix that (I don’t think Jean has updated that yet, since I mentioned it a few months back).

    By default, the author archives should list the author box at the top, followed by the usual archive listing you have set up on your site. What problem are you running into?

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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