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    Whilst I’m new to the community and Genesis I’ll say I’m very happy with how much value I derive out of the Framework and all of the themes I purchased in the package. My general impression is that Studiopress has been flat out on releasing 2.0 and back updating themes so some of the community attention may have slipped.

    I’m going to keep the faith and keep watching this space so to speak. Perhaps there’s things in the works we don’t know about or this is a change for good; I don’t know.

    I do feel for the developers who were listed and no longer; I sure wouldn’t have found Wes’ / Appfinite’s Optimal and Legacy were they not listed on the prior site, as I’m so new to the community and not up on where to search for things and whatnot.

    I guess as long as the community stays strong and helps each other by ‘keeping it out there’ that there are other child themes and developers all is good. I will say though, I certainly like the idea of an authoritative single listing of all Genesis Themes.




    I wonder if some of the more popular developers who had offerings on the community store are unhappy enough to maybe quit developing for the Gen platform and maybe go somewhere elseā€¦ Pagelines, Woo, Thesis, etc.? I hope not.

    Having provided support for Pretty Darn Cute, The Pixelista, Eight Crazy Designs, and Restored316 Designs, I can tell you that each of those developers/designers are still releasing Genesis child themes. Although I didn’t provide support for Viva La Violette, I have spoken to Heather, and she’s also working on new Genesis child themes.

    Here are the sites for the developers/designers I just mentioned:

    Pretty Darn Cute Designs
    The Pixelista
    Restored 316 Designs
    Viva La Violette

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    I don’t know how “authoritative” I can get the new site to be, but I’m willing to give it a shot. And if a few folks here are willing to help out a bit, too… I’m all for suggestions, what you want to see, a good way to see it displayed, etc.

    My first thought on it was more than just a list… have a directory of theme shops, maybe have featured themes, with reviews and maybe examples, too. I’m not really all that interested in creating a marketplace where folks can sell themes… I’d rather direct folks to the designers directly for that.

    I’ve set up a placeholder site. I can’t dive into the major setup until this weekend, but chime in whenever :)

    Here’s what inspiration hit me with:

    WordPress / Genesis Site Design & Troubleshooting: A Touch of Summer | @SummerWebDesign
    Slice of SciFi | Writers, After Dark



    We have links to theme vendors on our site and send victims (oops, I mean clients!) to go to the page, look at the links, follow them and pick a theme that they want us to buy and use for their site.

    We’d be happy with just a simple list of links to vendors and maybe a blurb on what kinds of themes they ‘specialize’ in… perhaps let the vendors write the blurb themselves.

    It would be even better if there were thumbnails-links of/to the theme’s homepage but that could get rather labor intensive and maybe a maintenance nightmare.

    We’d send clients to a site that had all the vendors listed, so long it wasn’t a competitor.

    I still can’t figure out why S.P. decided to close the community listing. Sounds like a case of a company run by 20/30-something tech-heads who don’t have much business experience and who could use a few 50/60-somethings in management who know “facts of life” about sales and marketing.

    Someone at S.P. should ask themselves why you find lots of competing auto dealers on the same street, lots of competing shoe stores and jewelry stores in a mall and lots of docs and dentists in a medical building? I’ve been running businesses for 35 years now. I got most of my biz-ed working for Ross Perot at EDS in the mid 1970s. The best lesson he taught me: “In a small Southern town one lawyer starves to death. But two make a fortune.”



    Susan Nelson

    Great idea for that site, Summer! I’d love to be added to the list. I only have one theme available at the moment, but am working on a couple more to be released in the near future.

    Susan Nelson | Oh, Hello Designs | Twitter | Facebook



    Okay, I’m just about ready to soft launch this puppy, but I can’t seem to find a decent plugin that allows users to leave reviews or ratings.

    Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

    ANd yes Susan, your theme’s already in there :)

    WordPress / Genesis Site Design & Troubleshooting: A Touch of Summer | @SummerWebDesign
    Slice of SciFi | Writers, After Dark



    Wow, you’ve been a busy bee!!! Fantastic!

    Maybe launch without reviews if it really is that close and then either add it back in or don’t worry about?

    Thanks for taking that on!



    Okay, front door’s open.

    Still working on copy and a few other things, and there’s only a couple themes and a couple theme shops in there for the moment… I expect that will change rather quickly :)

    And yeah, i had a busy weekend… a nonprofit whose websites I’ve been maintaining for several years just opened the doors for registrations for this year’s big event, and I really wanted to launch a new version of the website at the same time. I put Executive Pro to good use in near record time, switching over first thing this morning.

    WordPress / Genesis Site Design & Troubleshooting: A Touch of Summer | @SummerWebDesign
    Slice of SciFi | Writers, After Dark



    I can confirm that my listing of Marketplace Themes (currently at is still referencing the now defunct MarketPlace. I will get that updated soon. The whole site is LONG overdue for some updating. When the dust settles I expect all the existing Theme and Developer data will be relaunched at the domain that I have been intending to use for the past couple years.
    There is obviously a lot of demand for good quality information about Child Theme selection. I think the community as a whole appreciates everyone’s efforts to aid them in selection. Great job everyone.




    Hi Darryl!

    Please feel free to use the form on to submit your theme(s) to the Guide… the more the merrier!

    Yes, I’m still adding themes, and testing out options for user supplied ratings for them.

    WordPress / Genesis Site Design & Troubleshooting: A Touch of Summer | @SummerWebDesign
    Slice of SciFi | Writers, After Dark



    Don’t forget about this page with recommended Genesis Developers.

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