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    I’m working with the Executive Pro child theme. My goal is to use three to five images in the Genesis Responsive slider as part of a widgetized home page and to have a Portfolio page with different images than showing in the slider. While I’ve gotten the slider to work, I run into problems creating a Portfolio page (or pages).

    Can you have more than one Portfolio page? For example, I’d like one for maps and another for graphic design. And how do you get a Portfolio page to show up in a menu like the Primary Menu?

    Once you create a lot of portfolio pages (or are they “posts?), how can you just keep a selected few that only show up in the Responsive Slider? Ordering them by Date or Name doesn’t work for me; I’m not sure how you can set the “ID” of a portfolio page manually. And can you keep the portfolios used in the slider out of the Portfolio page?



    You can create taxonomies which are like categories for your Portfolio Custom Post Type.

    You can add the post i.d’s to the Genesis Responsive slider settings. Not sure if the slider supports CPT’s so it may not work.



    That worked, Brad. Thanks!

    In the process, I got the Portfolio page to work by using Appearance > Menus > Links to add to the primary menu.

    The issue remaining is whether I can create two or more Portfolio pages. It seems like Genesis (or Executive Pro) is architected to automatically create its own Portfolio page. When I try to create another archive page myself, my page just is a list of all pages. I’d like to create an archive page and have it automatically populate with portfolios of a given taxonomy.

    Is that possible?



    Yes because the code supports creation of custom Taxonomy Type archives which are like category archives for custom post types. Just make sure you link to the correct archive and it should display in a portfolio format.

    Example which i tested locally

    Only displays the featured images and titles for CPT pages assigned to a custom taxonomy Type which i gave the slug of ctt-archive.

    Start by going to Types under your Portfolio menu.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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