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    What I liked best about the “old” forum were the support threads for each theme. 90% of the time, I could usually find a solution to an issue that was holding up my work process. Now, I am assuming that any questions or problems have to all be submitted via a ticket system. That is very unfortunate and causes a major issue with productivity. Now I have to wait for a response to a problem that nine times out of ten, I could usually rectify via someone else’s posts in the forums.

    The main reason I prefer and use Studiopress over ThemeForest and other providers is because of the first class support system and repository of information which existed in the older forums. Maybe I just can’t find the threaded forums but I assume that what I’m seeing in other posts is that they have been replaced with the ticketing system? I hope I’m wrong and maybe just not looking in the right places?



    Official support is done via a ticketing system. Official support relates to setting up your site to look like the demo, and for technical issues related to setting up your site.

    Anything beyond that is “customization”, and is handled here at the forum by community members. There are no theme specific forums, because beyond set-up, most questions we receive can relate to multiple themes.  We recommend that if you come here to ask a question, you provide us with the URL of your site, and the theme which you are using.  You can also use the search feature up the top of the screen to search for specific issues, and we recommend adding tags to your posts to also help future users search.

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    Agreeing with original poster – the new forums lack what the “old” forums had.  I am very disappointed and pray you never take the old forums offline.  If there is a vote to go back to the old forums please count mine strongly in favor. The new forums don’t come close.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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