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    I have a question that I can’t figure out…

    I changed the Default font on my site to century gothic and the color #5a5a5a.  Thats what I want for the text area.

    And my site made the change. But now all the sudden it is black and times new roman.

    So weird!! I can’t figure out what is going on. Anyone ideas? It is totally  got me confused! There isn’t even any times new roman in my css. and the only #000000 is in the menu bar hover.






    You have Century Gothic enclosed in double brackets – change it to a single bracket.

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    Hmmm. i just changed it and it didn’t do anything. Cleared cache and everything. Do you see century gothic or times new roman?



    Diane Kinney

    Kendra, I think you have some errors in your CSS file.  Run your file through a validate, such as this one:

    The url to your CSS is

    I saw 7 or 10 errors, and one gnarly one that is think is messing up your font.

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    Sometimes you are missing a semi-colon after the Font-Family – go check all of your font-family coding and make sure it’s written correctly and that there is a semi-colon at the end. I’ll go check further also.



    Check #nav – remove the quote (“) from round Raleway and ad the single (‘). Same with #subnav.

    Check check all of your FONT-FAMILY and make sure you are using the correct opening and closing around your font-family.



    Diane Kinney

    This might not be a css issue.  When I look at your rendered source code, your post text is wrapped in div tags instead of the expected paragraph tags.

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    Did you update to Genesis 1.9.1 yet? I don’t see that you did. I matched up your CSS with the demo and for some reason I cannot get your “body elements” to render in Firefox, but they do on the Demo. Just a suggestion to check out. Have a great day, I hope you can fix it.



    After doing some research, I believe it is your Century-Gothic font because it’s not a part of Google APIs ( Did you upload the font from some sort of Webfont Kit to your server. I see some instructions on that state to use Century Gothic:

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    thanks Diane Kinney

    Your idea to valid the css was awesome! I ran across some random letters (silly typo) at the top of my css that was messing everything up :)




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