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    Is there a way to easily convert my current Metro Theme into French?

    I thought I could just change the content from English to French however some English
    words are coded into the theme ie comments plus I’m unable to add the accent slash above

    David Chu

    It’s never easy to convert a site to another language, WordPress or not! I see stuff that has clearly only been run through the Google translator. It’s totally hilarious if you have any affinity for languages.

    This might help a bit, though.

    Some theme builders do a supreme job of setting up a theme for translation. Others don’t. Not necessarily because they’re not skilled. Usually it’s just because they have no awareness of any other languages, so it doesn’t occur to them. In these cases, which you appear to be running into, you may need to make the changes in the templates themselves.

    Getting accents is not too bad. In Windows, you just set up an additional keyboard for another language, and use that. I like using the Spanish keyboard, even for French, because all the accents I need are in it. If you are averse to learning a new keyboard, then you can use the Character Map application and copy/paste letters with accents. It’s probably even easier with a Mac, I bet. You could just Google those things.

    That’s probably all bad news. Sorry, but I hope it helps a little.


    Dave Chu ยท Custom WordPress Developer – likes collaborating with Designers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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