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    I have a website and I believe the coder was not very familiar with genesis and he coded the base genesis template.  I see genesis installed and not as the active theme, and I then updated the genesis that wasn’t running from 1.8.2 to 1.9.1 and it didn’t wipe out the design that was active, but even after upgrading it still is asking me to upgrade to 1.9.1.  I know he had said to me that he used the base genesis theme in order to build the theme I have, but I don’t know how I make it reliant on the main installed and inactive genesis.  How do I edit the theme I want to be a child theme so that it uses the main genesis framework instead of operating stand-alone?

    I hope that I have explained this clearly.  Thanks for your help.



    The genesis theme needs to be in your theme folder, but NOT activated.  It is the child theme that is activated.  To produce a child theme you generally start off with the sample genesis child theme and build it from there.  You can of course name the child theme to anything you want, apart from genesis. If your activated theme was built in that way then you have no need to do anything as it will be using the main genesis framework and NOT operating stand-alone.

    That you are being asked to upgrade Genesis is proof that it is working correctly.

    Regarding upgrading, it sounds as though for some reason the upgrade didn’t finish.  Try again, depending upon where you clicked to upgrade there may be a a screen appear saying “click here to finish” – so just make sure you click there :)



    Hi Babrees, thanks for the reply.  I think I need to clarify.  The problem here is he installed genesis and started to work on the base genesis install.  I would like to:

    1) extract the files necessary for a child theme from the base install.

    2) Delete the theme

    3) Install the base genesis 1.9.1 thats on the server

    4) Reinstall his work as a child theme.

    Is there a tutorial on how to do this?  Thanks again.



    If you want to keep the changes he made then you need to know what files he altered.

    If he didn’t understand genesis or child themes, and simply copied all the genesis files and altered those then he may well have altered a lot more files than was actually necessary for a child theme.  That may, or may not, cause a problem, depending on what he has done.






    Yeah, right now I will just accept making a basic switch without optimizing too much, get it working and then start seeing what is necessary.

    I didn’t realize until tonight that child theme functionality was a built in function of how wordpress now works.  I found the document on their site dealing with this and did the things that it suggested and I installed the latest version of genesis and activated it, then I added the Template: genesis line to the comments at the top of style.css and then I get this error:
    Broken Themes
    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.


    Template is missing.

    I have spent an hour seeing if it was a syntax error or whathaveyou and I originally had it case sensitive and I fixed it and refreshed the browser and still get the error.



    I figured it out…it was something to do with text on the top of functions.php. I got it to load now, but it looks like quite a mess and I don’t know why because I only changed the headers of the style.css and functions.php, the rest are all the same files.



    Glad you figured it out.  Impossible for somebody else to do so blindly without seeing the files or site or anything :)

    Hard lesson learned in finding a web developer :(



    @jeff1979, the previous version of Genesis prior to 1.9 had its own Child Theme called Sample. I think if you email support and ask them for the PRE-Genesis 1.9 file, and you load it – that will help you. It pretty much was like the Framework except it had additional files in it. If you still need some help, I’d be glad to take a look at it for you.



    Thanks for your help Babrees, I am glad its working now too.  I don’t wish to totally throw the developer under the bus, as I have become more familiar with the technical aspects of it, I can see he was fairly knowlegeable but clearly he was not knowledgeable about genesis and child themes.

    Anitac, I am having an issue now with the display, I don’t think its major to fix but if you or someone else can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.  The programmer appears to have registered 3 menus in wordpress and seems to have done it in the traditional wordpress way.  After I installed 1.9.1 and got it working with the child theme, there is another “genesis” system menu, it doesn’t show up on the registered menus list in the menus admin screen on wordpress.  It has <div id=”nav”> and for each item I add to any of the menus, it adds it to this list and pushes my “wrap” div and all the content of the page to the right and out of the view.

    I tried using the code snippets on this page:

    and when I used the one like this:
    <code>/** Unregister primary navigation menu */
    add_theme_support( 'genesis-menus', array( 'secondary' => __( 'Secondary Navigation Menu', 'genesis' ) )</code>

    It caused my theme to stop working until I removed it again.  When I used this at the bottom of functions.php:

    /** Unregister primary/secondary navigation menus */
    remove_theme_support( 'genesis-menus' );

    It removed the undesired menu but it also unregistered 2 of the 3 other menus.  Being non-technical, I thought the logic was I could put it at the top above all other menu references and it would unregister the undesired menu and then all the other code could declare the menus, but then it the undesired menu remains.

    Thanks for your help.

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