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    I purchased the Craftiness theme and I am having trouble with the way the featured image on archives are displayed.  It seems to be repeating a top portion of the picture beneath the link to open the archive.

    See here:



    I can’t see the issue you’re describing. The images are displaying fine for me.

    Are you seeing this issue in a particular browser or at a particular resolution? Could you post a screenshot of the issue you’re seeing?

    Twitter: cehwitham Web:



    I had the exact same issue and this is how I was told to fix:


    In your style sheet (style.css) make the following change:

    find this —> change .archive #content .post {

    and change this —-> height: 220px;

    to this —-> height: 211px;


    Worked perfectly for me…best luck!




    Hi, thank you both for your response.  I wound up contacting the theme designer and she was very responsive.

    Her instructions resolved my issue also:

    Go to your Genesis settings>Content Archives and make sure you have the featured image UNCHECKED.  If it’s checked it will duplicate.

    Hopefully, that may also help someone in the future.

    Thanks again,





    That’s excellent..I’m actually having an issue with my I’m going to need to post a question addressing how to tell it to ignore a vertical image.

    Always something with this site build! ;-D



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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