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    I have used Genesis for my own site, but not for a Customers yet. I have read through instructions on how to make child themes and am still confused, like I am missing a huge piece of information!

    I am thinking about creating child themes and selling the themes from my site but need to know a few answers first, so any help would be really appreciated.

    1. Exactly what files are required to sell a child theme? Is it just style.css and functions.php and then a purchased Genesis framework?

    2. Can I use one of the child themes from the Genesis “shop for themes” (here: to start as a basis for my own child theme that I can then go on to sell from my website?

    Any other information would be really appreciated, as I am new to all this.

    Many thanks :-)




    1. Yes, they will need at least the Genesis framework that they bought, functions.php and style.css.

    2. Genesis themes are released under a GPL license, so any themes that you create need to adhere to the terms of that license. Studiopress doesn’t have any restrictions with regard to selling themes that you have created, but should you wish to sell any themes that you’ve designed via ThemeForest or similar sites you’ll want to check with them about their rules or limitations.

    While GPL does allow you to freely share anything created under it, the Studiopress terms do not allow for straight resale of their products as they are. What you’re describing sounds like you intend to sell modified versions of our themes, which is legally permissible. However, you should note that you will also be subject to the same licensing freedoms that you’re finding with Studiopress, since your themes will also be derivative of something GPL, so anyone will be able to freely share and resell your product with modifications.

    Please make sure that your customers are aware that Studiopress cannot support any theme that you sell as a child theme. Also, the Genesis framework will need to be purchased through us should your customers require help from our support staff.

    I’ve found that the best approach on something like this is to become an affiliate and direct your customers to purchase the framework through your affiliate link. The benefit of this is twofold: You make a generous commission on each sale, and your clients establish an account with licensed themes which makes them eligible for lifetime updates and support should they ever need them.

    You can find out more information on our StudioPress Affiliate program here:

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    Hello Eli,

    Thank you so much for your in-depth answer, it was just what I was looking for and you have help alot. I have been reading alot more since placing the post above and think I’ll prob make themes from my own css and functions and a couple of page layouts added in.

    Have just also seen your “How to Build Your First Genesis Child Theme” on your site so that, with others I have read through, are helping to fill some gaps I have.

    The affiliates sounds like a great idea, so I’ll be sure to join that :-)

    Thanks again.

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