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    I want to make the font of the title and excerpts smaller and to DRASTICALLY reduce the padding in the little rectangle holding the title and excerpt and to reduce the padding between that and the outer semi-transparent box.

    Where do I find the css settings for the slider?   Would love it if these things were adjustable on the slider settings page.



    The CSS is directly in the Slider Plugin itself.



    Got the font sizes but I can’t seem to reduce the padding between the top of the title to the thin line and from the bottom of the excerpts to the thin line.

    I’d also like to 1/4 the size of the frame (between the thin line and the outer semi-transparent box).

    I want that whole semitransparent box to be as short as possible and to move it far closer to the bottom of the slider so it doesn’t interfere with the slider pictures as much.

    I copied the CSS from the plugin into the child theme’s CSS so that I can make the modifications there.




    Getting closer but can’t seem to find how to fix 4 remaining spots:

    the space above the title and below the top border
    the space below the title and the excerpt
    the space between excerpt lines
    the space between the last excerpt line and the bottom border.

    The image at the link shows an approximation (before and after) of what should be accomplished, which is an excerpt box that doesn’t intrude as much on the slider photo.



    Got most of what I wanted but there are still two spots of vertical whitespace I can’t seem to get rid of.  PLEASE help.  See new screencap.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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