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    We are building a site using the Metric theme and having an issue.  Does anyone have any ideas why the text color on these CSS buttons would vary on separate pages when the code for each “GO” button is identical?  The two “GO” buttons reside on two separate pages and have different text colors.  Examples:

    http://www.vahomeloanshelp.com/va-home-loans/ (white text on “GO” button)

    http://www.vahomeloanshelp.com (green text on “GO” button)

    Thanks a lot.



    On the home page the color is set by #home-middle a, #home-middle a:visited whereas on the other page it is set by .gobutton2. You could add “!important” after the value in the .gobutton2 rule to force the color.

    I recommend installing the Firebug add on for Firefox or using Chrome’s Firebug Lite which will enable you to right click on any element to inspect it and determine the associated style rules or the selectors required to create new style rules.

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    It worked, thanks so much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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