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    Hi Trisha – I’m a WP rookie but if you mean compare page source of live site vs localhost…

    I found these page source differences via diffchecker – http://diffchecker.com/3x74ilka

    (Most seem to be the domain link though?)

    Using diffchecker again, it says the two functions.php files are identical. Is that an issue?



    In case it helps any ideas… here’s what it looks like




    Carrie and Trish – thanks for all the help. Cory (Plugin Author of Duplicator) found the problem. I was using WP-Minify plugin. Even though all other caches (W3 Total) had been cleared, WP-Minify hadn’t. For anyone with this problem, just deactivate the plugin to clear the cache and your localhost CSS should now display.



    Mystery solved! Glad you got it working. :)

    Have you been helped in this forum? Pay it forward and answer someone else’s question. I bet you’ll know the answer to at least one question. :)

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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