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    Hi All,
    I am using the latest wordpress, agency pro, and woo comerce.
    I am using woo commerce for a catalog site not e-commerce.

    When I go to add a ” Custom Body Tag” on these pages the css is not being recognized. It looks like its going to work
    ( primarily a background -color change ) but when the server finishes resolving the url it reverts to the default css tag.

    I tried adding the class directly to the style sheet- with no luck.
    I next tried changing it from a div class to a div id and got the page to display how I wanted.
    see an example here:
    that shows exactly how I am trying to get all the ” detailed product description pages to display”

    While I got this to work this way it is not ideal as it requires me to add a new div id for every product in the catalog, and there are about 300 products.

    I am looking to see if there is another way I could accomplish this that allows for a better work flow. I think an ideal solution would be if I could add a ” custom body id” on the page when the product was being added to the page.

    Hope the above makes sense- thanks to anyone that can give me a clue

    Scott V


    Did you move any of the WooCommerce templates over to your theme folder? Here is some documentation regarding WC’s template structure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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