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    I would like to display a phone number ONLY using “enable extras on right side”
    But there are only 4 choices currently to choose from.
    Pls help
    Thank you


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    Laura – can you please post a link to your site (or let us know what theme you are using). Thanks!

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    Jen Baumann
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    This is a little more involved than you might think, but Bill Erickson has a nice tutorial on customizing this area.

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    Sorry about that

    I am using the Manhattan Theme


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    I read the tutorial but not sure I understand what I just read.

    Can you tell me what code I need to have the code render a phone number?

    I no issue editing the code in the functions.php


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    Hello lauraM,

    Try this in functions.php:

    add_filter( 'genesis_nav_items', 'be_follow_icons', 25, 2 );
    add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'be_follow_icons', 25, 2 );
    * Follow Icons in Menu
    * @author Travis Smith
    * @author Bill Erickson
    * @link
    * @param string $menu HTML menu output.
    * @param array $args Array of nav menu arguments.
    * @return string HTML menu output.
    function be_follow_icons($menu, $args) {
    $args = (array)$args;
    if ( 'primary' !== $args['theme_location'] ) // Change this to the nav menu location
    return $menu;
    // Change this below. In case you do not know the text is written for translation.
    // If you don't need translation, you can use this: $phone = '<li id="phone">Call us: 999-999-9999</li>';
    $phone = '<li id="phone">' . __( 'Call us', 'child-domain' ) . ': 999-999-9999</li>';
    return $menu . $phone;

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    Thank you so much, the code did indeed solve one part of this issue.

    The only other issue I have is the code renders everything just fine on my monitor, however when I switch over to an Iphone or ipad it does not carry the CSS define in the style.css file I have set up.

    The CSS I set up was:

    #nav {

    padding-top: 7px;
    color: #cc9966;
    font-size: 20px;}

    Like I said it looks great on my monitor but take a look on an iphone and you will see it has dropped and is not in-line with the nav bar and also included a vertical line not shown on the monitor as well.

    Any ideas??

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