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     Hello Everyone,

    I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    I’m currently using the Lifestyle them, v2.0 and I’m trying to emulate the Stylemakers International website that isshowcased for the Lifestyle theme gallery.

    I have used FireFox to try and decode what has been done, and have a basic understanding of what they have done, butI am not sure about playing with the style sheet because I am not all that saavy in CSS or manipulating HTML for theresults I am looking for and I don’t want to break the theme.

    So far, I have played with some widgets, but they don’t seem to give me what I see on the Stylemakers site.

    I am making a Clickbank site and want it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

    My main goal right now is to:

    1) manipulate the color scheme of the borders/wrapper and headlines for the homepage using the colors from the
    header (Black, Dark Blue and Teal).

    2) add a topnav, to include the Social Icon and search box like the one on the Stylmakers International site.

    Thanks in advance,


    url is:



    Are you using the Firebug add-on for Firefox to view the CSS? That should provide you with all the elements you need to change.



    My bad, yes I am using Firebug.

    I snatched the code and modified and placed it in the style sheet above the header code like so like so:

    /* TopNavbar
    ———————————————————— */

    #topnavbar {
    background-color: #0f1839
    background-position: initial initial;
    background-repeat: initial initial;
    border-bottom-color: #ffffff;
    border-bottom-style: solid;
    border-bottom-width: 1px;
    height: 40px;
    height: 40px;

    But I don’t see the placement above the header when I refresh the page from the WP-Admin for the site.

    In addition, I don’t see the code when I use Firebug and I don’t see the “div id=”topnav” when I view the page source.

    I  am beginning to understand how things are layed out in the style sheet, but can’t figure this one out…I know I’m close.






    Did you activate your Secondary Menu in Genesis? Go to Genesis > Settings and activate it.




    Thank you for taking time out to offer your assistance, I appreciate it.

    In response to your question, no I am using my secondary menu (below the header) for my Home/About/Contact/Privacy navigation.

    I understand what you are driving at, but I want to basically do exactly what you did on your website, except not have the box so tall.

    I’ve seen in the theme settings where I can place the search box to the right, but it appears on my header, I don’t want that, I want it above the header just like yours.

    Initially I went into the functions.php and added “topnav” so that I had a new widget, but then went with the simple sidebar plugin, which does the same thing. Then I found simple hooks to be better because it has a hook that you can place the code in to create a topnav bar above the header. I know I could achieve the same by just activating the primary menu, but I want

    Now I’m just trying to figure out how to call the “topnav” code in the stylesheet that will resize and color the bar.




    Oh, what I have is actually a custom menu and it’s in the Header Right Widget area. Okay, let’s take a step back. You are trying to style the top nav you currently have that says, Learn – Beat Making – Music Production? Or are you trying to add a Top Nav above that?



    Yes I am.


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