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    Hi, I have customized the Modern Portfolio Pro theme and was hoping for some feedback. The main changes I’ve made is..
    (1) I’ve added more widgets to the home page
    (2) Made the site-header fixed so it is always visible
    (3) The site-header is bigger than the default, so I had to add some code so when a visitor clicked on one of the menu items, it took them to that section of the page, and the top of that section wasn’t hidden by the fixed header.
    (4) I added the BNE Testimonials plugin
    (5) I added the Progress Bar plugin
    (6) I added the Scroll Back to top plugin

    What I’d like to do now is create a different menu for the inside pages but Genesis Simple Menus won’t work for this theme out of the box, because the GSM plugin works on the primary or secondary navigation menus, and Modern Portfolio uses the Header Right Widget for its menu. So I’m still trying to fix that. Eventually, I may add a blog but not now.

    Tell me what you think. Thanks!


    You can use a conditional tag in the header right widget using a plugin like Widget Logic as one example.

    Or you can remove the header right widget and add it back with a conditional tag.

    Another option is to add a custom menu with conditional tag.



    Brilliant! I totally forgot about the Jetpack’s “visibility” option. I just made two versions of the main menu, placed them both in the “Header Right” widget…selected the option to HIDE one only on the front page and to SHOW one only on the front page.




    Good stuff!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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