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    I have a client at who has a site that the previous admin developed using the Page Lines framework – which I find very hard to work with and not exceptionally well documented and I’m developing an alternative based on the Lifestyle theme that is located at and I’ve pretty well got it locked down except styling the title on the sidebar. At the existing site at the sidebar titles are nicely style and I”m trying to achieve a similar effect, except I’m just a CSS  hack……………Not an expert by any stretch of anyones imagination. So if there’s anyone out there in Genesis territory that can po in the right direction with as much as help as they have the time to give it would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.





    One last thing for anyone replying.

    I just about got this baby dialed in to where the customer is going to dig it,( but can’t find for the life of me where to set the color for the sub-nav text – as you can see it’s all blended in and I’ve been through the entire sub-nav section of the style sheet but can’t seem to put my fingers on it. It is fine for hovering but not when the page loads.

    Thanks in advance again





    Ok, got the 2nd item figured out. Had to add an element color: #0A2848; to the

    #subnav li a {




    Still need help in the 1st item if anyone can.


    Jen Baumann

    Rough but:
    If you want an Icon, add it to the background and change the left padding.

    .sidebar h4, .sidebar h4 a, .sidebar h4 a:hover, .sidebar h4 a:visited {
      background: #AB0606;
      color: #FFFFFF;
      font-size: 19px;
      padding: 16px;
      text-decoration: none;
      text-transform: uppercase;


    Thanks Jennifer.

    Not sure I totally know where to put all of this but I think I get it. Will be trying it out later today and I’ll send my success story. Thank you for your help.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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