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    I’ve gotta rebuild a site into two versions: English and Spanish–maybe about 10 pages each version. Unfortunately, because it deals with a government program, the translation cannot be left to auto-translator plug-ins. So my question– is it possible to have two home pages under one Dashboard, complete with unique sliders for each version—or do I need to create two separate sites? I know I can create custom menus for each language under one dashboard, so sub-pages seem straightforward–but not sure best way to deal with the home page. I haven’t zeroed in on a final SP theme yet–planning first. Any thoughts appreciated.



    David Decker

    Hi there!

    Are you using a custom solution or do you work with specific plugins like “WPML”?

    If working with WPML a homepage for every language is possible of course! Here and there you’ll need some code snippets to conditionally load stuff for one language or the other. Best to put this all in a functionality plugin or maybe also in the functions.php…

    If working with WPML and widgets (also if used for the homepages) it’s best practice to use widgets on a per language basis with helper plugin “Widget Logic”. I’ve done that a couple of times and it’s working great!

    However, I would highly suggest a Multisite install for multilingual websites! This has a lot of benefits, because plugins like WPML (and others) are really awesome and work but tend to lock the user in. For “only” 2 languages WPML might be an option but if you need more in the future or need a migration or whatever it could become a pain in the ass… Also, with WPML you have virtually a “dashboard” for each language site… In Multisite you’ll just have 2 real dashboards. But it’s all more performance optimized and you could do most stuff with default WP core stuff :-).

    To help multilingual sites with Multisite there are two plugins that provide great helper tools – but don’t lock you in.

    These are:


    Multisite allows proper import/export the WordPress way. With above helper plugins you’ll great language switchers and for editors helping inpost metaboxes for the added dashboards (easily switching).

    What do you think about that?

    –Dave from Germany.

    (I am a WP/ Genesis translation expert and have done some multilingual sites already… :)


    Brian Gardner

    Following up on this, I just created an Internationalization and Translations forum for questions like this. Feel free to ask any others over there and the guys who are good with this type of stuff should be happy to help!



    thanks Dave from Germany, this is useful information. I’m trying to avoid a multisite install if possible–so might have a go at the WPML plugin and see how I like it, if not, will go the multi-site route. Just trying simplest solution, client is low budget nonprofit. Appreciate the links!

    -Dave from North Carolina

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