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    I have Prose child scheme, and Premise.  I’m trying to customize

    wp-content/themes/prose/landing.php with the following code (below). Problem: my changes were fine for a few times I tried it, then suddenly, stopped working! No changes I make to this page reflect in the site. I did play with the styles in Premise — so did that cause it to override Prose? What’s #$%%# happening? Is WP stuck? Can I restart?  How do I even know what page is executing?

    Code follows:

    <!–?php /*
    Template Name: Landing

    // Force full-width page layout setting
    add_filter( ‘genesis_pre_get_option_site_layout’, ‘__genesis_return_full_width_content’ );

    // Remove header, navigation, breadcrumbs, footer, footer widgets
    remove_action( ‘genesis_header’, ‘genesis_header_markup_open’, 5 );
    //remove header with sidebar GN
    //remove_action( ‘genesis_header’, ‘genesis_do_header’ );
    echo ‘<div id=”title-area”>';
    do_action( ‘genesis_site_title’ );
    do_action( ‘genesis_site_description’ );
    echo ‘</div><!– end #title-area –>';
    echo ‘GREG!!';
    echo ‘<hr noshade width=”100%” color=”#A3C31A”>';
    remove_action( ‘genesis_header’, ‘genesis_header_markup_close’, 15 );

    remove_action( ‘genesis_before_header’, ‘genesis_do_nav’ );

    remove_action( ‘genesis_after_header’, ‘genesis_do_subnav’ );
    remove_action( ‘genesis_before_loop’, ‘genesis_do_breadcrumbs’ );
    remove_action( ‘genesis_after’, ‘genesis_footer_markup_open’, 5 );
    remove_action( ‘genesis_after’, ‘genesis_do_footer’ );
    remove_action( ‘genesis_after’, ‘genesis_footer_markup_close’, 15 );
    remove_action( ‘genesis_before_footer’, ‘genesis_footer_widget_areas’ );



    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by  gnudelman.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by  gnudelman.

    David Decker

    Premise landing pages and WordPress pages with the “Landing Page” page template are 2 totally different things! The included page template in Prose is just a small alternative for small & simple landing pages. Otherwise, landing pages with Premise are full featured and are fully independent from your current theme! You can only use one or the other for a specific landing page. If you’re using Premise anyways I am wondering why you still want to use a page with that template?


    Brian Bourn

    I would start by removing the “!-” from the opening php tag. It should start as <?php.

    Bourn Creative | | Twitter



    Brian, thanks — I’ll give it a shot. Problem is figuring out all of the files that are executing. That dynamic code is all fairly complex.  Wordpress needs a better debugging mode when things go wrong.


    David — because I’m very unhappy with what Premise is providing in terms of design options for landing pages. My pages are rendered completely messed up, formatting is all over the place! Plus, they are not responsive, even though theme is. Default setting should be “pass through”, not that lame background. I’ve been at it for 4 days now, simple piddly sign up form. Reloaded everything, the designs that come out of premise still suck. Wish I could attach a screenshot for you. Maybe I’m missing something — everyone seems to think it’s great.


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