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    Diversified Woman

    I’m hoping someone can direct me in this matter. I’m trying to decide between the Decor Theme or the Glitter and Lace Theme. It is actually for a wedding blog for both bridal professionals and brides-to-be.
    This will be a revamp to an older blog which already has some posts in place but not many. The blog will be very image intensive since it will be showcasing many bridal professional’s porfolios and industry events.
    We also want to incorporate a “Sponsored Ad” area in the sidebar with two colums showcasing 150 x150 ads side by side. Will this work easily enough for both themes? Is there enough room in the sidebar for each in doing this? Our layout would reflect content/sidebar.
    Secondly I see the Decor theme has a “call to action” area for the newsletter to subscribe. We actually like this aspect however do not want this box to point to Feedburner but rather a Contstant Contact subscription, even if in clicking submit another box needs to pop up. Is this doable? I really would like to use the “same box displayed” as part of this new theme,  just wasn’t sure if this was feasable or not.
    Would either theme impose a limitation to a header image we would want to appear at the top? With that being said, I see there is an area for Instagram on the Glitter and Lace theme and since we would not be using Instagram, I thought perhaps this would be an ideal spot to place a focal point image or a slide show? Thoughts? Is it easy enough just to swap that out and not use Instagram?
    If  we go with Glitter and Lace I know we’d want to modify the colors for the font and background color in the footer area. Is that also doable?
    In addition with the popularity of Html5 versus flash if we insert an image gallery will it be presented and seen on all mobile devices? I know Flash will not appear on iPhones for example.  
    I must say I really like both of these themes very well and love the elegant script fonts. The blog will need to come across quite luxe so it really is a toss up and not sure which one will appeal more to a brides. 
    Would love to get some feedback from anyone who is presently using either theme or just knows the process in general.
     Lastly we have the complete set of community themes and I don’t see the Glitter and Lace theme on there. Just wondering if I am misssing something? If we have to pay close to $20 to add this, it’s no big deal but wasn’t sure why we don’t see this present in the community themes for download.
    Thanks again in advance for any and all input. :) 


    Diversified Woman

    The other issue I had was with the images displaying in the posts on the Decor theme presenting a more “landscape look ” (narrow + wide) to them. However the  majority of images I present in the posts will reflect more of a portrait style. 

    Can this be reset?

    Or is because the landscape image is serving as the “thumbnail” and yet when one clicks on “Continue reading”  the full image will then display in the full post (not necessarily the narrrower landscape formatted image? Since normally we just see the smaller thumbnails with the truncated posts that appear.  

    Sorry if that seems like a silly question. Just wasn’t sure.


    Diversified Woman




    It’s been a long time since I was a bride, but I’d prefer Glitter and Lace…

    As far as where to download – because Glitter & Lace is a community theme, it’s not included in the ProPlus membership – you would need to purchase it (if you haven’t already done so).

    As far as the Instagram area – you could substitute something else in that area without too much difficulty.

    Set-up support for Glitter & Lace would be provided by the tutorials for the theme, or by contacting the developer. This forum could help you with any other questions.

    I believe the sidebar is large enough to accommodate the ad size you are looking at; if not, changing the sidebar width should not be too difficult.

    You could easily create an image portfolio that would be viewable on a mobile device which doesn’t accept Flash.

    I couldn’t comment on the subscription service without doing further research, but I wanted to at least give you some answers…

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
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