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    here’s my blog:¬†http://www.abdelhafid.com/ , i’m using the decor genesis child theme, which is btw super amazing, big thanks for the guys behind it

    after fixed the extra white space from the page,post rule, this time i wanna fix the featured image width

    as you can see from the link above and from these images:




    the image don’t fit the space, i’m using all kind of¬†dimensions, and i set the media settings to

    width 810px, height 550px, but still the image don’t fit, maybe it has to do with the fact i’m a RTL blog


    please help




    Firstly, You need to make sure you crop the featured images so the width and height will resize properly to fit the features image size.

    Example: An image which is 600px X 300px resizes perfectly to 200 X 100

    If your featured image isn’t wide enough, it won’t stretch to fit the correct size. You’ll need to change each featured image.

    Then, you need to select the correct size from the Genesis > Theme Settings > Content Archives > Include the Featured Image? > Image Size. post-image

    I tested this and its correct.

    You can add support for more image sizes in your child themes functions.php file if needed however the defaults should be correct.

    /** Add new image sizes */
    add_image_size( ‘post-image’, 730, 285, TRUE );

    This code is there by default but if your images are smaller, they won’t crop to this size which is the default featured image size.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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