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    Hannah P


    I recently up another post on the Genesis Responsive Slider, but was advised to move my second question from that thread to a new one.

    I am using Bluehost, Genesis, Fabric8ted CT.

    I would like help in determining exactly what size images I should make my post featured images so that they are neither too big and make the site slow, or too small and look weird on the slider.  For now I have simply copied the theme demo settings which are: maximum slider width 1140, maximum slider height 445.  However I imagine that 1140×445 is the full size of the slider including the opaque section to the right with the first part of the post in, and therefore I’m looking at a height of 445 and a width about a third less than 1140.  Is there any way to get this precise figure?  Is it either written somewhere in the theme settings, or calculable from the overall settings? In the slider settings I do have: Slider Excerpt Width (in percentage): 50, but the opaque section is definitely not as wide as 50%.  I would like to work out the perfect size for the slider – although my understanding of the slider settings are that a taller image will simply have the bottom cut off, a wider one will have the right cut off, and a smaller image will appear in its entirity with white space besides it.

    Thanks for any help


    In case anyone googles in the future and the answer is put on the original thread I’ll just include a link here:

    Andrea Rennick

    The excerpt overlaps the images. Your images are at the correct size.

    Check the theme css – it may have forced a width on the excerpt. We did the same in Executive.

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    Hannah P

    Thanks so much Andrea.

    I couldn’t see it in the CSS (probably because this is all quite new to me) but managed to find the excerpt width by looking at the overlay in the child theme images folder.  It was 352 wide, so I’m presuming that that means that the ideal photo (if I want to include it in its entirety) would be (1140-352) = 788×445.  I will try and create my featured images around this size.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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