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    Hi, I am using the ASSOCIATE theme.
    I’d like to change the footer content only in the homepage of my site, how can I accomplish that with Genesis? I mean: the homepage footer must have different content, compared to the other pages.

    I know I can use conditional tags, but I can’t understand how to manipulate the footer.php file of Genesis.




    For something like this, instead of hacking the code – I use the Jetpack plugin. It adds a “Visible” button to the widgets. So for example if you have three footer widgets – you can add three widgets and make them visible home page only, and then add three move widgets to show on all pages but the home page. Or you can certainly hack the code. But I like the Jetpack Visible button because I can turn things on and off all over the place. I am not limited to just the footer.


    Hi, thanks for the advice… but I need something lighter than a plugin to accomplish this ;))
    Conditional tags could work if only I can understand how to hack the child theme Associate’s footer!




    You would need to target the footer by way of adding this to the functions.php file probably. Visit Brad over on WPSites.net. Drop him a line to see if he can help you code it.


    Thanks for the tip.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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