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    I would like to display the footer widgets only on the front page of a website, hiding it on the inner pages of the education theme.

    The url for the site is: http://ltciorg.dreamhosters.org.

    I know there are certain plugins that do this, but I’ve tried “widget context” and an empty footer widget area still shows up on the inner pages of the website.

    Does anyone know of a code snippet/hook or any other way that is available to hide the footer widgets div on all pages except the front page?





    There’s several ways you can do this, the Widget Logic plugin being the easiest by adding

    is_front_page() or is_home()

    to the footer widgets.

    You can then use CSS to hide anything left over.



    You can also use PHP in your child themes functions.php file:

    For front page if using a page other than the default.



    Thanks everyone! This has helped. One other related question. If you look at the site now,

    http://www.ltciorg.dreamhosters.com, you’ll see as you scroll down the page that below the “Featured” widget area with the “Read More” buttons, there is an open space. But I can’t seem to figure out how to remove that area or even what code is generating it.

    Any thoughts?



    Try installing the Firebug addon for Firefox and inspect the element you want removed.

    You can then add {display: none;} to the class you want hidden in real time using your browser to test if it works.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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