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    cliff lightning

    Hi all,

    I’m pretty new to genesis and have been having trouble displaying taxonomy. I have custom posts associated with taxonomy “journal_author” . I’m able to display the post title and content and would like to display the taxonomy below the content.

    I have been able to do this using:

    echo get_the_term_list( $post->ID, ‘journal_author’, ”, ‘, ‘, ”);

    in regular wordpress loops using non-genesis themes. However, this returns nothing when I place it in a genesis custom loop. Nothing I’ve tried seems to be able to help me display taxonomy. I want to be able to use the hooks and filters offered by genesis so I don’t want to resort to using my own custom loop. Does genesis have a different way of handling display of taxonomy?  If anybody can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!




    Hey Cliff,

    Sounds like you’re using a custom template? There’s a post terms shortcode built-in or you can filter into a page template, too. See if this might be what you’re looking for? http://code.garyjones.co.uk/post-taxonomy-terms-shortcode

    If I pointed you in a wrong direction, let me know and I’ll try to get you in the right one!



    Have you been helped in this forum? Pay it forward and answer someone else’s question. I bet you’ll know the answer to at least one question. :)

    I host a weekly WordPress-focused podcast called Office Hours. I tweet @cdils.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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