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    I’ve noticed that a big difference from one theme to another is the Widget’s.  A theme like Agency may have several widgets while another theme may have only one or two.

    Is it possible to display the widget areas in the Shopping Section of the site so one can learn about the design PRIOR to buying?

    If this information is available elsewhere on the site, could someone give me the link?



    Good suggestion. Maybe a picture of the dashboard showing the widget areas?

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    Thanks for the followup. I mentioned this as a ps in a tech. support email recently. Even a systematic syntax in the theme descriptions listing the themes features, # of widgets etc. would be enough. Picture would be keen as well but if there were a commitment to crafting a template for the theme descriptions that would suffice.

    Example items could be:
    # of and location of widgets
    dedicated home page

    Special Features…. e.g. Going Green automatically makes a featured image from a post image if there isn’t one.

    Other standard stuff of course:
    # of colors
    Responsive (which eventually all themes will be)
    HTML 5 (which eventually all themes will be)
    Fixed Width (or not)

    At the end of the day, without crawling thru the browser source using Firebug, one is hard pressed to figure some of this out and for non-dev folks, that’s not going to be useful. That leaves one to buying the theme before they know if it’s going to meet their needs.

    Thanks again for replying. I’m flagging this as “Not a Support Question”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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