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    Patrick Bianconi

    Hi, I am fairly new to WP and Genesis as you might tell from the topic question. I have a site I have built http://kerr-parzygnotfuneralhomes.com/ which uses a plugin that is not multi-site compatible (I learned that the hard way). My intention was to create a MS env with these 6 websites because they would be same theme/same plugins. Long story short…

    This plugin, controls the obituaries in a unique constructive fashion. The plugin allows widgetized areas to display a specified amount of the most recent obits (as you can see in the front page and sidebar).

    I am now completing the 5 other domain locations (mostly one pagers) using the same theme (Executive Pro). Since the funeralpress plugin did not workout in a multi-site environment, I was wondering if someone know of a way or by use of a plugin on the additional sites, that I could display the same widgetized content (6 most recent obits) from the main site, on the front Home page and/or sidebar of the other 5 sister sites.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    What plugin are you using?


    Patrick Bianconi

    Thanks for your response.

    I made a funeral home website. Plugin used is a premium plugin called funeralpress.

    I was asked by the Funeral Home owner to make 5 sister sites for same company being that they have 5 other locations (all the obits are still only going to remain in one place). My first thought was to convert the main site to multisite, so I did so. After I did multisite, everything worked fine except that plugin, it had one flaw and I couldn’t get resolved which is irrelevant now.

    Since then I reverted the multisite, back to a traditional site, and am building the other 5 one pager sites “separate”, with the same theme (Executive Pro), and on the same hosting provider (Siteground).

    If all went well in the ms environment, I could have used the included widget to display the latest six obituaries either in the front page like this or the sidebar like this.

    However, since the multisite option did not workout, I was wondering if there was a way to display these same “latest obituary posts” to their “sister sites” even if the plugin was on a totally separate WP installation.

    I found a plugin here that I thought may work, but the developer told me it wouldn’t because the funeralpress database doesn’t use “post types”.

    They did offer to write some code to make this happen but would be about $100. Instead of this, I thought of simply finding a plugin that just might accomplish this, or using an iframe to capture “all” the obituaries off of the main obituary page located here.

    I am trying to improve the look and possibly the ui/functionality of this site, along with the other 5 sister sites. If you see anything you would suggest might make this or those sites better, I would be open to suggestions.

    Thank you for your time.
    Patrick Bianconi



    I think the iframe idea is probably easiest but you may want to reach out to the plugin developer to see what they suggest; they’re going to be a better resource for this, probably, than the folks around here.


    Patrick Bianconi

    Thanks! I will give that some thought as to integration. RSS feed was also mentioned as an option, and dev said can do.

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