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    With the ever increasing number of upgrades from WordPress and plugins, plus the moving target of site security, I have been encouraging my clients to go on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. I setup daily, weekly, and monthly backups and then once a month I go into the site, eval its performance, read all the release notes, upgrade WP and plugins that are outdated, and test. These are all sites with some degree of custom programming, so I feel the need to this manually.

    My proposal changed 1/2 hour’s worth of my time per month, just to cover my time.

    The issue is that some of my clients are very resistant to this amount once they add it up yearly. Does anyone else have experience with transitioning clients? Anyone else willing to share how much they charge so I know that I’m not completely off the mark?




    I think lots of people have initial reservations to a support fee, but really, this is the biggest area for WordPress services growth.

    I absolutely charge a monthly support fee.  I let my clients know that I have two hourly rates.  One for those under contract, and those not under contract.  If something breaks and you need me on an emergency basis, you will pay for that urgency.

    Ask them to think about the cost if the site goes down for a day, or two or a week.  Do they lose business?  How much?  What could it cost them?  Lots of questions and points you can pose to them.

    It’s frustrating, but once their site stops working, they’ll get it.

    Loving the Genesis Life!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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