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    When creating new galleries or I guess just uploading images in general, I a wondering if it is better to downsize them before uploading or does it really matter. for example, in my gallery I have a setting that the thumbnails will be 150×150 px and when clicking to enlarge the will automatically size to 800x700px. but if my oringinal images are 4000px wide by ? should I be reducing them first.



    WordPress will generate 3 image sizes according to your media settings for thumbnail, medium and large size images plus the original size and store each image in your uploads folder.

    On top of this, it will also generate an image for each new image size you have added in your child themes functions.php file:


    /** Add new featured image sizes */
    add_image_size( ‘featured’, 650, 280, TRUE );
    add_image_size( ‘sidebar’, 70, 70, TRUE );

    You can crop them or resize them before uploading or simply upload the originals.



    Ok, thanks so much. So if the file size is simply too large you wouldn’t be able to upload anyways. And also, I was worried about the images loading too slowly.



    If you’re worried about file size, I’d recommend downloading Image Optim, as it will strip out unnecessary info that can increase the file size. I run every image through it before uploading and it has drastically cut down on load time due to large images.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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