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    Having a bit of an issue with the Education menu. Trying to make the nav teal and tan, but have managed to make the “current” drop-downs tan, too. (Feeling so close and yet so far…) You will see what I mean when you click on “About” – what happens to Bylaws.

    Is there a sweet developer that can tell me what to change back so the dropdowns don’t turn beige, but the top level does?

    Way more eager than knowledgeable, I’m afraid.



    Try this CSS code on line 2453 of your style sheet (directly above Responsive Design section)…

    If you can’t see the code above, you can also access it here.

    Hope this helps. :)



    You are brilliant! I signed up for your blog, too. :)



    Modern Muse: I’m more than happy to pay your for your consult (Or maybe a piece of art for your blog?

    Could you please tell me – how can I lessen the margin around the top “tabs” of the nav (Home, About, etc). With so many going across, I’d like to cut out some of the space. (And do you think that’s wise?)

    I’d love to believe that there’s a simple way to do this, without changing all the different menu stuff in there (or messing it all up.)



    We’re good. No worries.

    In regards to the header, the logo looks a bit cut off (the circle). To fix this, I would bump up the header min-height from 120px to about 140px and grab a new slice/graphic of the header background so that the logo is centered between the top and bottom.

    An alternative would be to scale down the logo and title text so that you can decrease the min-height to say…about 90 or 100 px. If you do this, then you can remove the top padding from the widget area (line 225 of the stylesheet) that contains your tabbed navigation.

    In a nutshell, I agree that it’s not worth the effort to reconfigure the menu just to get rid of the space above it.

    A bit of white space never hurt anything, but if it still bugs you, you can always add a text widget (a widget within the menu widget) to fill in that area. For example, I added a toll-free number to the space –



    Shoot – great suggestions, but not what I was trying to do. I did look at your site and love the blogroll at the bottom (which I took out, but which I may now put back in…)

    Hopefully the screen shot will help. Tho I see your site has the same thing. If my screen is not wide enuf, the menu drops to make 2 rows, looking weird. Even more of a problem on a iPad. I thought taking some of the “margin” out would work better. ?? What do you think? Complex and hard to do? (I think margin is the right word – or padding?)



    Hi, Sue. I failed to mention that by using the logo as the header background, the tabs will eventually shift to left, hiding the logo as the screen size is condensed.

    Ideally, you should use the logo as an image floated left, then within the Responsive Design section of your style sheet, make the menu drop below it as the screen size is reduced.

    The Education theme has styled the responsive menu to drop into 2 rows, that’s just the way it is. And in my opinion, the menu doesn’t look weird at all when split into 2 rows.

    That being said, I don’t think fixing the top margin or padding will help either (someone else correct me if I’m wrong).

    It would be a matter of tinkering extensively with the menu styles to modify the responsive menu effect. For example, you could do away with using the tab image as a background and instead, style the menu with pure CSS to maintain more control over its appearance.

    Hopefully those ideas will help to inspire you to find a solution. I personally don’t have the time to restyle your menu, but can certainly offer up suggestions and feedback for whatever you decide to do. :)

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