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    I’m using the Education theme and I’d like to put a video and subscribe form side by side on the front page, either in the slider area or the Introduction area. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial or suggest how to go about it? Here are 4 examples from the Showcase (not necessarily Education theme) that have what I’m trying to do.

    Video and optin form:


    Thank you in advance!




    Hi Jayne

    Good question and thanks for the examples. The first one looks the best in my opinion.

    Could you please link to the site you’re using the Education child theme on thanks.

    Here’s a few different ways to do this:

    1. You could create a custom widget area using the genesis_before_loop hook for the video and use the sidebar or genesis_before_sidebar_widget_area hook for the sign up form.

    2. Another option is to put the video in the header and use CSS to change the width of that area. Then you could use the header right widget for the sign up form.

    3. Or you could custom code a new home page template.

    4. Or add 2 widget area’s below your header. This would require a fair amount of custom PHP and CSS coding.

    5. Another option is is hook in the Slide Deck plugin which enables you to create custom content so you could add a video and optin form as your custom content.



    Here’s some code which you can use to hook in a feature box

    You can easily change the hook location and conditional tag.

    Code not displaying? Grab it on Github.



    Thanks, Brad,  for your speedy response! The site I’m working on is:

    I’d like to put the video/form in the area directly below the slider.

    I’ll try you’re suggestions. I’m not especially skilled at coding but I’ll see it I can figure this out. I’ll let you know how it goes!







    How did you do this in the end? I am trying to do exactly the same thing?

    Many thanks




    Hi Roger
    I finally used a premium plugin called Slider Pro. I works brilliantly. I’ve used it in other situations too. I just didn’t want to spend the time with the coding. Good luck with your site!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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