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    Upgraded site to the new version of Eleven40 and now I am unable to access the admin section. Getting a 500 code. Contacted WPEngine for assistance.

    Here is their response.

    Please get in contact with the theme developer, and relay this error message to them. Their code isn’t correct:

    /var/log/apache2/medarticles.error.log:[Thu Aug 08 15:02:43 2013] [error] [client] PHP Catchable fatal error: Argument 3 passed to Genesis_Settings_Sanitizer::add_filter() must be an array, string given, called in /nas/wp/www/cluster-1660/medarticles/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/classes/sanitization.php on line 287 and defined in /nas/wp/www/cluster-1660/medarticles/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/classes/sanitization.php on line 69, referer: http://www.medicarearticles.com/wp-admin/update-core.php?action=do-theme-upgrade

    A string was given, where an array was expected. They should have the knowledge needed to know what’s wrong.

    Trying to find out how to contact developer of Eleven40



    I think its best to submit this to support http://my.studiopress.com/help/

    You could delete the new theme version until the issue is resolved.



    You can actually fix this by making a change to Genesis core per the instructions from GaryJ here:


    As he said, this change will be in Genesis core in the next update so it’s no problem to implement that yourself.

    Also: StudioPress is the developer of the Eleven40 theme (along with Genesis) so Brad’s right, you can submit a support ticket instead. But the fix described in that other thread should do it for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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