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    I have Enterprise Theme installed with static front page set at front page displays ‘Your latest posts’.

    The front page is displaying all of the widget etc working great. Home page tab resolves to  front page displaying ‘Your latest posts’.

    That’s all good.

    How do I resolve audit reports that show Home page has Meta description missing?




    I see this in the source code for your front page:

    rel=&quot;author&quot; href=&quot;<a href="https://plus.google.com/115867772089760099543&quot;/&gt;&lt;meta" rel="nofollow">https://plus.google.com/115867772089760099543&quot;/&gt;&lt;meta</a>
    property=&#8217;og:locale&#8217; content=&#8217;en_US&#8217;/&gt;&lt;meta
    property=&#8217;og:type&#8217; content=&#8217;website&#8217;/&gt;&lt;meta
    property=&#8217;og:title&#8217; content=&#8217;Business Advice Perth &#8211; Our best advice for Your business&#8217;/&gt;&lt;meta
    property=&#8217;og:url&#8217; content=&#8221;/&gt;&lt;meta
    property=&#8217;og:site_name&#8217; content=&#8217;Business Advice Perth&#8217;/&gt;  &lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;//



    Hi Brad

    Can you explain the significance of all of this and the resolution to the meta description issue I raised?

    Anything that appears in the source code would come from the use of the theme and plugins.

    My preference is to stay with a standard applications without customisation of script, where-ever possible.

    I do not attempt changes in code as I have little knowledge in this regard.

    With one exception.

    To resolve issues related to canonical url’s with Yoast I added this into the function theme, which appears to have resolve that issue.

    // Remove Canonical Link Added By Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin
    function at_remove_dup_canonical_link() {
    return false;
    add_filter( ‘wpseo_canonical’, ‘at_remove_dup_canonical_link’ );




    Google understands what your site is about and that you are the author so i doubt there’s anything to worry about other than the source of your audit thats says that your homne page meta description is missing when its not.

    The tags are probably coming from Jetpack or another plugin.

    Where did you get that code from? Can you paste a link please.



    link to WordPress support forum to resolve Yoast canonical issue


    I also removed all meta descriptions in Yoast’s plugin as these were also being duplicated.

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