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    I am still trying to decide whether to use the Enterprise theme or the Executive theme for a new website.  To help me decide, I am hoping someone would clarify a few things for me:

    1. Can I change the button color and link color  in the Enterprise theme to be red?  And more  specifically how would I go about doing this?
    2. Can the blue box in the Wp-Cycle plugin (Enterprise theme) be changed to a another color? And more specifically, how would I go about doing this?
    3. Do both themes support the ability to add advertising (e.g. Google AdSense)?
    4. What would be the best plugin to add a portfolio or gallery page  (Executive theme does come with a portfolio page) to the Enterprise theme?

    Out of the box, the Executive theme is the closest match to my needs, however, if I could customize the the colors in the Enterprise theme to be greys, blacks and reds, it would be my pick.



    Andrea Rennick

    You can customize the colors using css – in ANY theme. :)

    You can use ads in any theme.

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    did you see the Red template sample page?


    if this is not enough, like Andrea said… all colors can be changed with .css !


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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