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    I haven’t changed any code or anything and am not sure why my page is all scattered. Any pointers please?



    - if you remove your portfolio titles, does that resolve the issue? It appears that some titles are longer than others, forcing the images out of place.

    – as EPIK is a community theme, you might get a faster response over on their support forum: http://appfinite.com/forums/

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    Ok, I will try there. It’s a bit confusing where I should be going for support..wish studiopress did a better job at explaining stuff :)



    I am having this same problem and have had no luck even getting my user name set up over at appfinite – The portfolio posts with longer titles force the post thumbnails to be longer and since its a responsive theme – if one is longer the page does not wrap properly. I cant believe the only option is to retitle posts and cut out excerpts so they are only a certain length? Really?

    It looks like that is what york global had to do so make it work.

    I cant post my code just yet – client would not like that but here is a screen grab so you can at least see what i am talking about…

    Bad Wrapping in Epik Portfolio

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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