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    What I want is simple. Limited post excerpts on Category and Archive pages, but NOT on the home page. That doesn’t look possible with vanilla Genesis controls. I found a plugin which does something similar, but would prefer to drop code into functions.php.

    Any ideas?


    The Genesis Code Snippets pages don’t have anything that works.


    Bill Murray

    There are several approaches: a) creating a default category or other archive template and leaving your current home page setup; b) changing your Genesis->Theme settings and revising home.php, c) depending on how widgetized your theme is with respect to the home page, doing (b) but using a plugin like Nick’s Genesis Feature Widget Amplified to display home page content the way you want.

    For (a), you can skip ahead to page 3 of this discussion. The category template there shows the full post content, but that could be adjusted to show the excerpt or some content limit. Pages 2-3 of that discussion get to the issue of pagination and excluding certain categories from specific category templates. You can add/subtract from the remove_action statements to suit your needs.

    (c) is the most flexible if your home page is widgetized.

    To me, what you are doing does seem theme-related, so it feels more at home in the theme vs a plugin. But other than when something executes, there’s very little difference between code in functions.php vs a plugin, so if you want this functionality across multiple themes, maybe a plugin is a better route.

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    Thanks, Bill. I’ll look into Nick’s plugin. I’ve used a few of his in the past.

    The plugin I found is Auto Excerpt Everywhere which works fine on the Category (not Archive page as I previously wrote) pages to do what I want, but it conflicts with another plugin (or, some functions.php code; not sure which yet). Worse, I had to hack it to get it to work the way I want anyway. I don’t like to do that to plugins.

    After reviewing your suggestions, unless I can find a very good functions.php snippet that puts excerpts only on the Category page, I’ll probably work toward a custom Category page (I’ve done a few for home.php, archive.php, and 404.php) as the formatting is much easier than altering the home page.

    I wonder if it’s possible to drop some code into Genesis Simple Hooks? I use that extensively (first got turned onto hooks with Thematic, which still exists, and which seems to have inspired Genesis).

    I’m digging through your posts now. Plenty to digest there.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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