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    Since upgrading to 2.0 (2.0.1), the header checkbox to include or exclude title and description isn’t working. For several themes, I have had to use css to “hide” the title/description text even tho the box is unchecked in the header section of appearances.

    Any thoughts? (I have given one url as an example where I had to redo the title area in the header after upgrade)


    David Chu

    Whereas Genesis is generally rock-solid, I have seen unpredictable behavior on that particular screen. In some cases, I’ve had to re-select and re-save options on that page. So you might try a couple of “select and re-saves”. Also, when updating Genesis, or switching to it from another theme, I have sometimes found the need to re-select the header image.

    That being said, I have run into one Genesis theme (I think it was Education) where that “hide” command did do something, it just didn’t work in that CSS/code context, so I actually had to do CSS to get rid of that, just as you’ve said. To put it another way, the original theme developer may inadvertently render that command ineffective.

    Sorry that’s not a solid answer, but I hope it helps. Maybe official support might offer a thought or two.

    I like the slides, what a nice place! :-)


    Dave Chu ยท Custom WordPress Developer – likes collaborating with Designers



    I am having the same issue. Whatever I check or uncheck I cannot turn off the Title and Description in the header logo area?


    In Customize> Title and Tagline > Display Header Text is unchecked
    In Customize> Header Image says no Image
    Under Customize > Header the Show header text with your image is unchecked
    There is a logo that is added via the style.css file. I just want to hide the Title and Description?

    I am using latest version of Genesis and latest version of WordPress.

    Any ideas of how to fix this?

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